Case Items

Case Food Items

Grilled Chicken Breast – $14.95/LB.

Breaded Chicken Cutlet – $14.95/LB.

Parmesan Crusted Chicken – $14.95/LB.

Chicken Salad – $14.95/LB.

Chicken Waldorf Salad – $14.95/LB.

Tuna Salad – $9.95/LB.

Turkey Meatballs – $2.50/each

Vegetarian Rice Balls – $1.95/each

Mediterranean Chickpea Salad – $10.95/LB.

Sautéed Broccoli Rabe with toasted garlic – $11.95/LB.

String Beans Almondine – $11.95/LB.

Roasted Cauliflower – $11.95/LB.

Roasted Root Vegetables – $11.95/LB.

Quinoa Salad – $12.95/LB.

Here at Red Cedar Market all prices reflect CASH, CHECK and DEBIT CARD TRANSACTIONS.  All CREDIT CARD TRANSACTIONS will be subject to a 3% price increase.  NJ Sales Tax still applies.

New Hours of Operation 

Monday – Saturday:  8:00AM to 3:00PM

Sundays:  Closed


Daily Menu

Tomato and Mozzarella

with ripened tomatoes, homemade mozzarella, basil, roasted garlic spread, extra virgin olive oil and sea salt on baguette


Garden Vegetable

seasonal roasted vegetables, fresh homemade mozzarella and sun dried tomato pesto on baguette


Spicy Turkey Club

fresh oven roasted turkey breast, hickory smoked bacon, lettuce, tomato, and spicy chipotle mayo on rustic white bread


Cajun Chicken

grilled chicken breast, Cajun style peppers & onions, avocado, shredded iceberg, blue cheese and mayonnaise on rustic white bread


Virginia Ham

fresh oven roasted ham, Swiss cheese, baby field greens, mango chutney and whole grain mustard on ciabatta


Cranberry and Turkey

fresh oven roasted turkey breast, hickory smoked bacon, homemade cranberry apple relish & mayonnaise on toasted 7 grain bread


Blackened Chicken Wrap

grilled blackened chicken breast, chopped romaine hearts, shredded carrot, cucumber, red onion, and sweet balsamic reduction



RCM Hamburger

8oz. ground sirloin burger w/shredded lettuce, tomato, red onion, pickles, ketchup and mayonnaise 
Add $1.00 for cheese


RCM Cheddar and Bacon Burger

8oz. ground sirloin burger with aged Vermont cheddar, smoked bacon, shredded lettuce, tomato, red onion, pickles, ketchup and mayonnaise


RCM Mushroom and Swiss Burger

8oz. ground sirloin burger with sauteed mushrooms, Swiss cheese, drizzled white truffle oil, shredded lettuce, tomato, red onion, ketchup and mayonnaise


RCM Turkey Burger

fresh ground turkey, cranberry apple relish, grilled red onion, shredded lettuce, and spicy chipotle mayonnaise


RCM Veggie Burger

our signature blend of vegetables, beans & quinoa, sliced avocado, shredded lettuce, tomato, red onion, and lemon herb aioli.


Red Cedar Market’s hamburger is a freshly ground, hormone and antibiotic free sirloin burger. All burgers are cooked to order, to your requested temperature. All burgers come on daily baked brioche buns. Our French fries are from beautiful, hand pressed Idaho potatoes.


Fresh Cut French Fries


Cajun French Fries


Parmesan Herb French Fries


Signature Salads

Garden Salad

baby field green, shredded iceberg, grape tomatoes, cucumbers and olives in red wine vinaigrette


Roasted Beet Salad

baby arugula, roasted beets, roasted peppers, goat cheese and toasted pecans in balsamic vinaigrette


Classic Caesar with Grilled Chicken

chopped romaine hearts, grilles marinated chicken breast, herb garlic croutons and sliced Parmesan Reggiano in creamy Caesar dressing


Asian Salad

shredded Napa cabbage, pulled roasted chicken, cashews, carrots, mandarin oranges and cilantro leaves in rice wine ginger vinaigrette


Steak Salad

baby field greens, shredded iceberg, grilled marinated hanger steak, grape tomatoes, grilled red onion and crumbled blue cheese in red wine vinaigrette


Blackened Chicken Breast Salad

grilled blackened chicken breast over baby spinach salad with avocado, quinoa pilaf, grape tomatoes, and grilled red onion in apple cider vinaigrette


Chilled Wild Salmon Salad

flaked chilled wild salmon, w/baby arugula, shredded iceberg & radicchio, grape tomatoes, cucumbers, and crumbled feta cheese in extra virgin olive oil and fresh lemon.


Falafel Salad

fresh chick pea fritters, chopped baby field greens, grape tomatoes, cucumbers, kalamata olives, red onion, parsely, fresh lemon, olive oil and tahini sauce.


Additions to any salad:
Shrimp Skewer -$6.95 (3 shrimp)
Salmon – $6.95 (4 oz. portion)
Hanger Steak – $5.95 (5 oz. portion)
Grilled Chicken Breast – $3.95 (5 oz. portion)